Theodore C. Nevins III

Theodore C. Nevins III spent 3 decades in institutional fixed income sales and trading based in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Beijing for Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, to name a few.

Theodore is currently involved with Technology and Entertainment ventures. He is an investor and Advisory Board member of LuxSpeed Fiber Optics, RE>Direct Music Videos, and A.P.N.G. Enterprises, Inc., which owns NEW-GEN Universe comic book series and the Nanobot Super Heroes. NEW-GEN Universe will give rise to a streaming series as well as businesses in Video Games, Toys, and Virtual Reality.

Theodore is profoundly concerned with the challenges confronting Global Conservation and the predicament of Endangered Animal Species. Chinese Medicine, Poaching, and Deforestation/Habitat Destructionare destructive forces driving the Great Apes and Big Cats to the brink of extinction along with many bird and mammal species.

Potential solutions are DNA Cloning, Breed and Release Programs, Conservation Land banks, and Species Protection Law Enforcement. The Global Leopard Protection Trust will provide a think-tank to work with Countries and develop resources to fight extinction.

As an early investor in Moderna (MRNA), Theodore supports all efforts attacking cancer and diseases by recognizing nanotechnology as the key science allowing for the Covid mRNA therapies, and the forthcoming therapies that will attack specific cancers.


Choate Rosemary Hall, 1976

Colgate University, 1980

Beta Theta Pi, Forever