Association for the Protection of Endangered Species

Many challenges are confronting Global Conservation, specifically preventing the extinction of endangered animal species. If humankind can effectively save endangered animal species from extinction, therein will exist our formula for salvation.

The African Leopard Project, ALP, in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal Province is run by project leader Dr. Luke Hunter (Wildlife Conservation Society), and this project examines these serious problems for the leopard and how best to apply solutions, http://www.wildaboutcats.org/internship.htm.

The Global Extinction Association works with programs such as ALP, and closely monitors breeding programs in all the world’s zoos and national parks.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine represents one of the oldest medical traditions in one of the most populous countries the world may ever know, and its impact on endangered animal species is horrific. In fact, one could argue that nearly every single animal on the verge of extinction has been hunted for the sale of body parts for TCM. So-called “Hit Squads” are believed to be mobilized worldwide, from the wilderness of outback Russia to the rain forests of the planet, to perform the grisly crime of hunting animals that most need our help. Often while walking around Beijing, one will come across a tablecloth laid out on a sidewalk with an entire Tiger forearm for sale, along with fangs and other parts not used by the TCM industry.

Education at this time in Chinese history can have the greatest impact on the survival of many animals, such as Tigers, Bears, and rare antelope, to name just a few species. As older Chinese generations disappear, hopefully so will the demand for TCM derived from endangered animal species. Perhaps Chinese translations and programming of such television networks as Animal Planet and National Geographic could proceed to educate the masses of Chinese during the Urbanization phase now underway.